Don't Quit Your Daydream.

Whether you're a creative, a maker, an early stage entrepreneur, or an innovator who is just starting ideation, Shenango LaunchBox will work with you to ignite your imagination and to make a plan to turn your dream into a reality.

Ready to supercharge your idea or business?

Start Here.

The E-ship 1:1 is an interactive session where you meet with a LaunchBox consultant via phone, Zoom, or in person to talk about your idea or business so we can determine what resources and programs you need.

Design your idea.

The Idea DesignLab helps aspiring entrepreneurs design, develop and refine business ideas and identify the next steps in the start-up process.

Get help with your idea.

Idea TestLab – Virtual Accelerator helps you figure out if you can turn your idea into a viable business. Work with coaches to better define the problem, a target market, and how you will provide value.

While our specialty is helping entrepreneurs who are in the very early stages of activation which includes ideation and pre-acceleration (figuring out whether there’s a market), we also have free legal resources and contacts throughout the region that serve entrepreneurs in all stages.
We’re open to all – no affiliation with Penn State required.

Get no-cost legal advice.

The Penn State Entrepreneur Assistance Clinic provides a variety of free legal services to startups looking to start a company in Pennsylvania.

Get no-cost intellectual property advice.

The Penn State Law Intellectual Property Clinic provides entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania free assistance to determine if they have intellectual property and how to protect it.

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Tools for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Industry

While Shenango LaunchBox is here to serve everyone in the Greater Sharon region and no affiliation with Penn State is required to participate in our programs, everyone will benefit from Shenango LaunchBox's relationship with Penn State. Our Navigators are built with you in mind. See what Penn State has to offer.

Resource Navigator

The Resource Navigator showcases entrepreneurship and innovation resources in Penn State University communities across Pennsylvania.

IP Navigator

The Intellectual Property Navigator is a showcase of Penn State University’s intellectual property available for licensing.

Startup Navigator

The Startup Navigator is a showcase of startups with Penn State DNA.